Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Part three: Bikonomics

So im running out of ideas, so I figure if going to be writing a book on sustainabilty i need to stay on topic on the ability to sustain


In the world of fitness and also in the world of keeping an absolutely good time, the bike is my number one laison to these worlds. As my former art TA, Lacey, has once told me that it is the perfect transportation method and is also the most effient. But that was Maryland a whole different world, and I am talking about somewhere that is less humid, less compact, and somewhere that 330 days of sunshine has made my shoulders look like the dark side of the moon. In New Mexico especially around Albuquerque, being a bike commuter is very common and very practical, the roads were not meant for as many cars that are on it it so the best way to bypass this is simply zip around traffic like a drunken Italian man on a scooter. Albeit it is dangerous, but that is more the general consensus now.

So living in the United States, can be hard at time
So the bicycle is one of the most versitile tools ever craft by the hands of people. The simple ingenuity has made it completely versitile to go over

Here are some tips that can help make the bike riding experience more profound.

Have fun, realize where ever you are that your body is transporting you at the speed never attainable by walking or running. That in itself is a beauty of design. Also, it allows you to discover areas of town that would normally be overlooked in the gridlock or at the stoplight. ALso remember that every bicycle on the road is one less car on the road. Which brings about less road maintainence, less pollution, more healthy people.

Its low cost. upfront cost for a bicycle can seem daunting at first especially with price ranges from free to up to ten thousand dollars. First, evaluate the needs of a bicycle and what you would be using it for (size,recreation, commuting, exercise, etc.)
Then follow-up with what is available on the market, check classified or Craigslist first because someone is trying to get rid a bike, while you are trying to find one. If there is nothing avilable for your needs resort to a local bike shop or internet. Generally the bikes put together at department stores are not put together in the right way where the maintainance costs later will curb the higher costs of the products, which are generally higher quality. Also making sure that the bike is the right fit, will guarentee that you are making the most of your legs, and not injurying yourself in the process.

Its exercise, most people complain about all of the different diets that they have been on that never work, but simply by the fact of changing the commuting pattern from driving everyday to cycling every so often will cut many calories, many tour cyclists can burn up to ten thousand calories a day, making it a great way to lose weight but also a hard way to keep it on.
Many people don't like the the bicycle due to the danger of the roads, which is true. But there is as equally chance that you would get in a car accident as a cycling cras, the only set back is that there are no seatblets or airbags.

Tips to organize around the bicycle

There is a national cycle to work day where the whole country can stand together and said that they tried something new. But why stop at one day a year? When
In 2006 many different programs taking on the ideas of the Europeans and their already velo-friendly population

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Part two of the novel writing process.

So im back after reading into insights from a rediscovered gem "recipes for disaster" that is currently defining what the importance of direct action and being an individual. Considering I don't want this project to be distributed, I will not regurgitate some of the ideas that I am reading but teak them in a way best suit my needs for the project. 2500 words down 47000 to go!
I like to think of myself as the guy that can't pronounce mountains because I feel that the 't' makes no sense.

Delegation: the leader cometh

Leadership is inspiring others to create something beautiful.

Charisma, is a special trait that is found by some people and revered by others. It is not matter, nor is it something that physically measured, but nevertheless exists. People say it is the best quality of a leader, it makes the public want to listen, and lets information reach a broader margin than what normal people. The word charisma according to the american heritage dictionary is "a divinely conferred gift or power." or literarily meaning the gift of the heavens has given you this power.
Always remember that you do have good ideas, that people do want to hear, you simply need to find them.

(Insert sketch of super Iain Deason)

But lets fast forward to the speed of now and away from the comic book adventure you are sitting down reading this line of text, or standing dictating to group of eager learners (which would be awesome) and let us say that you possess the same the same gift that many of history's greatests have also claimed to have. Now you need to spread this gift like if St. Nick had a giant butter knife, and all you need is an attentive audience. As stated earlier, most likely you are a member of some sort of community, whether it be a school, church, neighborhood association, or civil war reinating society, and there are people available to her your message loud and clear. But my mantra to this is remember that time has a direct correlation to opportunities. So more time being spend on this process can generally yield more
followers. Much like how the popular students at a high school spend most of their time at school being popular, this holds the same idea.

Crafting a message

Before you decide to make any rash decision to get your displines to follow you to your grave, you need to create a little something called a message
A messge is normally the best way to get the idea accross in a concise manner a message should be a well rehearsed showcase of values and asks. A message can be in the form of the
A slogan can be as simple as a few words (I think I can attest for Nike's success in "Just Do It")or as complex as a several well-streamed thoughts together.

Involving your allies
Normally the best way to approach an ally is to have te message well prepared for the audience who ever it may be, and be ready for anyone anything, in any situation, just remember the best way to judge the messge is making a generalizations of values of your audience, and start off slow. Don't rush and allow breathing room for the people you are talking to. Even though, you have the god-given power, if you ask them too much too soon you can hinder your effectiveness to

Training your Voluteers

Ownership is very important nowadays to have successful actions, as much as your message needs a slogan. Your group needs a name. Anything that can help you show off this power can be helpful: Charts, diagrams, agendas, and general organization, well persuade people that you are putting a good deal of effort into what you are talking about and are serious about making the world crafted into your image (Carbon neutral I hope...) Showing good signs of organization will also make you more of a resource to your organization. It may more than six days, but it can happen it just happens to the amount of effort put in. But the beauty of delegation is that these charts that you are showing, could actually be made by someone else. When trust of the organiztion grows, bigger responsibiltity can be shared

Follow up and Responsiblity
Mechanics of Group
Is equally as important as the create of the planning and inter-dependability, is having everything follow through the planning process well.

Remember that you aren't the only one in the world with the same views. It may be a very disconcerting feeling that when you are left out be yourself, like the crowd of kids had already picked teams or everyone got trophies but you but realize that the small setbacks can't stand in the way of the goal . If Konrad Adenauer would have given up after the the reunifitication the amount of effort. really does dicitate how much can get done.
(Benny the Icepick interview)
Here is an effective example of the implementation of new bike routes in albuquerque

Book Writing Process step one getting ideas on paper (internet paper.

So for me to make sense of the "novel" that I am writing, I am performing this piece within the confines of my blog. Nothing provides a more soft, and easy to compose view than staring at the very simple functions of its Word Processor. So to that, I say three cheers to the internet and the compisition that will be adding to endless spiral of complexity known as the world wide web.
On a side note of creativity, would the internet on mars be the mww or www? I must know because I will invent the internet on mars.

Communication is Key

So I like like most modern civilized human beings live in community, not only for necessity, but also logic dictates it. Many researchers time and time again, have have made heavy correlations between the effectiviness of working together and the. Some people call it delegation, but I think it is something else.

But outside of all of the utilitarian influences of living together I think it is fun. There is nothing in the world that can bemore fun than doing things with other people. Writing papers, turn into knowledgable codyediting sessions, learning turns into tutoring, dancing.. well, becomes a lot more fun with others. It seems that humans are wired to be together not physically of course, unless you are a set of conjoined twins. There is research that states that the more human interaction .......

With all of these interactions to do everything together, why do people face the common problems everyday. People can be much more conscious than you can think, the human mind is a sponge literally absorbing as much as it can until information oozes out in the form of speech and action.

I may not be a mathetechian, though one day I thouhght I would be (notice how I said "one day") but this formula, that I very vaguely alluded to, there are people and there are common problems. People love to talk to one another in anyway possible in trains, over the internet, on the street, on the run. this communication is fundemental to the formula.

There was a human psychologist, was trying to figure out why some many people had to deal with imaginary friends when they were growing up, and why certain traits always reoccured. And from there it hit him, like a pile of psychology midterms, problem solving most of the time people would allude to conversation as a form of problem solving; therefore, the children or adults talking to themselves were trying to solve problems in their lives. This doesn't take into account for people with Disassociative Identiy Disorder or Scchreoprenia, but thiswas at the turn of the century.

So with this link of a communication and problem solving, there is a huge red 'X' on every single person and problem. Maybe this is why strangers on the bus always want to talk it is releiving to rid a personal world of problems.

But asides from that, and back to the formula, there is a link between people and places based on need. There is a link between people and communicaiton based on need. and there is a basis of communication and problem solving.

So if this makes any sense it seems like people love to solve problems, and thats why the crossword industry makes a fortune every year. That can be a reason why so many people don't enjoy being retired. People that are involved with politics deal with civic problems dealing with citiznes trying to make the world a free place to communicate. Firefighters, police and other community officials use communication to solve the problems of everyday citzizens, leaving the commoners with little worry or effort.

Which brings up another problem of worry and effort. If no ones worries about the problems of everyday life, who will then deal with them, the police? Fire department?

Everyday Problems
Well when these problems don't get solved that can cause a lot of collective worry from everyone, just like the awkward feeling you get when you aren't prepared for a test that you haven't studied for. Your blood is rushing through your temple and into your head, and you can get the feeling of hopelessness or utter frustration.

Hey thats great but what about the planet
And what about in the regard to the climate change. The planet is something that we all share and that is 100 percent fact, there is no theory that can be hypothesised that will disprove that one. And, like it or not, we share the same spaces and resources as everyone on the planet. Just think a potato that you can cook, could be cooked in the same way as thousands of people at the same time, I think it's pretty cool to think about. But this is a problem involving everyone, and something that can seriously be worried about, considering everything we have today is derived from the Earth.

Here is a quick list of planet problems that can be discussed with people.
Climate change
Peak Oil
Reducing of Open Space
Potable Water
Food Quality
This was a list for lists' sake some don't feel that I am leaving problems.
Now having the conversation about climate change can be a hard one to start with everyone, people can be very denfensive about issues, and most people no not like to get into arguements especially over beliefs (huhmm.. the Crusades...) But those who do simply disincline the invitation or become aggressive (there are two different style of speech that can be used that will be outlined later) remain resolute and tactful and thank them for their time. The beauty and curse of communication is that it is also consenting.

A good rule to go by is that a conversation is considered seven exchanges, so if you can't get to that level at the first time keep practicing, it is hard to keep consersations with strangers but everyone has a wealth of knowledge within them so be brave experience the world and all of the beautiful things that are hidden in the cafeteria lines and airports. For everyone that is able it is always great to bring a friend for support if the converstation reaches an awkward pause

Try this,
Talk to anyone (and I mean anyone but use good discretion) and see what problems that they might have not to be nosey or looking for a good, juicy piece of gossip, but just to be a friendly face that someone can share the communication process with. Even if the problem, may be too big for you to handle or might not encompass your expertise, just think that you helped this person get one more step closer to solving his or his problem, and helping someone on the personal level feels great!

Talk to your neighbor, if you haven't introduced yourself go for it they probably love to know who is sharing the same part of the world as they are. A food gift is a great idea, people often think with their stomaches.

Cranberrry Muffin recipe:

Ask them if they need any help with anything, or mention something that you may be involved with, and ask.
When formulating your ask remember that they could possibly not percieve the same amount of worry as you do, so be crafty when thinking about it. You something about the neighborhood condition, or just any other commonality someone living next to you that you might share.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Solving the Activist' Questions:

The room is drenched with the smell of frustration and stressed personas. Many peoples heads have hit the table out of exhaustion or to check on their mobile device: Sweet escape from the endless white walls and slashes on a flip chart. This is activism in its purest grace, the most pure refined form of dedication available to people and hearts. Their causes and passions for these causes have brought these peopel to rant together, feeling the emotions building off one another, and hoping that all of these ideas will reach a consensus with a handfull of people just as eager to see societies make the changes that are line with these passions. As people have spilled their hearts out so many times that the lack of blood makes their lips course and dry,

But is it us helping ourselves to be leaders? Is it leadership to have a collect of leaders to take control of leadership, like it is a tangible wild stallion. Is it this desire that cause these people to have their heads ground against wooden planks as they sleep? Is it these beliefs that give people the power to endure an alabaster prison for a dozen hours. Is this what the power of communication has given people to create what is new in society. Did the founding fathers endure the same experience, sitting in a sultry conference room in Pennsyvania. Was their passion so great that it caused their bodies to go beyond discomfort. The activists machine may be fed on the grassroots but it is still a machine: complex, calculated, sterile.

But this sense of ownership has brought a great pride to our group, like an group of artist creating something beautiful, but the question is whether the audience will think it is as beautiful.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Project Wikipedia: Success but at what cost?

Well lucratively, it cost me nothing unless, if you put a dollar amount next to what the worth of my time. Between juggling my ideas through different operating systems, encrypted firmware, and just general frustration, I probably spent more time on this project then I should of. But hey isn't that what learning is all about.

In the process of making this project I could fell the frustrations of many people in our modern technology driven society, trying to keep up with the amount of new technologies that are put into play almost every day. Luckily for me I am relatively good at adjusting my learning practices into a new mode of information. It is easier for me to learn a new program versus learning how to wrangle cattle.

The Internet being a larger and larger source of communication it is bringing a new level of literacy into the masses, learning has gone technical and very indirect. Instead of seeing the consequences for your actions unfold before your eyes an error message appears. The blue screen of death could be making a mistake as big as death itself. As new problems occur new modern solutions also appear and bring the level of communication and problem solving to happen.

According to Social Psychologist, George Herbert Mead, communication is a tool for problem solving. With the speed of communication increasing very quickly the amount of problems that humans can accomplish may increase, but there is still only a certain amount of information that can occur.

Monday, May 4, 2009

is this the end...

With much deliberation and research done on the internet, i am finding it impossible to put Linux on my ipod. Forever it will be a tool to the Apple system. according to many sources and comments and hatred by people.

In the 6th edition ipods, or also more commonly known as ipod classic were uploaded with firmware that could only be updated by apple products. This includes the infamous IpoLinux that would Project which allowed older ipods to do things like play videos. I found this out through the project's website.

There was also specific how-tos to put wikipedia on the ipod with a special installer package made. It showed the the static dump for Wikipedia (which is done every six months, just to make sure that all of the information isnt lost. there is also a larger file that contains all of the different pictures that are used and where they appear on each page.

If i make any progress trying to accomplish this project i think i would need to become more familar with the coding language of linux and how to use the

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The journey to a mobile all-knowing device: a path best through apple and linux

It has been attributed many times in pop media of a all knowing device that is both all knowing and also to be the source of all information ever created. Examples are the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy in the book with the same name and also the PokeDex in the game Pokemon. Wikipedia is the first step in this direction providing the amount of information that can be available anywhere at limitless amounts. The only problem is the none portable nsture of this application. Outside of the Smartphone industry, which provides a very small version of Wikipedia and you ned access to either a wi-fi or 3g connection, there is no way to access this resource outside the confines of humanity. With the WikiDex, yes I know its a terrible name, there will be no confines, except of battery life.

=>Tentatively I will put linux on the Ipod replacing its already existing GUI and=

=>From there I will put on a program that is able to capture the text of wikipedia and convert it to files.

I will upload the files onto the ipod, find a flashy interface, and viola the WikiDex